imagesEvery year new movies and TV series are being released and the choices of what and when to watch it have become almost impossible to match. With a new movie being released every week theaters barely have enough days to have one on the show before replacing it with the new ones coming in. This makes the moviegoer pressured to make it on time so you can catch your favorite movies before it goes out of the show in your favorite theaters. Well, you do not need to worry anymore because SkyTV aims to help you catch your favorite movies without the pressure of getting to the theater on time.

TV has been a popular source of fun and entertainment since it has been introducing to your home. The number of TV series, programs, and shows that are available for you has increased in numbers from medical dramas, suspense thrillers, and supernatural action shows. Selecting the best one to spend your time on becomes a confusing and difficult task. If you want an unbiased review of these shows so you can select correctly, then you have come to the right place.  SkyTV provides user reviews of the latest shows and sitcoms on TV.