Sky_kids_lockupTV has become a way of life since it was introduced to the market. With new movies and TV shows being released every week you are often left confused about which ones are a good one to spend your weekend on. This becomes a problem when you end up completing your weekend without having to watch a good show. This is the reason why SkyTV exists. We want to be your guide on the best shows in town and which ones are best suited to your liking.

SkyTV aims to provide an honest and an unbiased review on the latest releases in theaters and shows on TV. We also aim to provide you with accessibility to theaters and schedules on shows near you. We understand it can sometimes be difficult to catch the scheduled showing off your favorite shows on TV, so we created a way for you to watch them at your most convenient time. If you are a screen junkie looking to discuss your opinions on the latest offering in the big and small screen, then you have come to the right place. We aim to become the ultimate place for movie and TV enthusiasts to communicate and express their thoughts.