The Many Options You Have on TV

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When you are out on the weekend or your day off and don’t know what to do the solution is usually simple. Just turn your Sky TV on. The moment the monitor lights up, then you have one of the widest ranges of selection for visual entertainment. From movies to TV shows and even music videos, you have everything right under the control of your fingertips. TV is such an entertaining pasttime, but you still need to go through your options more seriously if you want to end up spending a good time rather than wasting it on a show that is not worth anything at all. Here are the many options you have Sky.

Horror and Supernatural

Many people would agree that there is a huge market for horror movies. You can take reference from the massive sales of movies such as Insidious, the Conjuring, and the Exorcists franchise. Things are doing pretty much the same for Television shows. One successful series is the American Horror Story combining a classic vintage horror with modern special effects. Add in a pop star as big as Lady Gaga then you have the perfect recipe for a hit horror series.

This type of recipe is even working with a series on the internet. A mixed up between the X-files and Martin Mysteries gave birth to a Netflix series called “Stranger Things” where a group of kids tries to fight a supernatural force that snatches people to an alternative reality. If you are in for the creepy stuff, then this dig into these.

Romance Fantasy

Well if the Twilight series had not worked well on the big screen shows like Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries would not have made it on TV. The ingredients are simple. You only need a handful of good looking hot guys with a cool chic and add a little bit of fangs and an element of magic then there you have a multi-million television hitmaker. Many fans have been swooning over Damon on Vampire diaries which became an international phenomenon.

Period Dramas

Historical dramas are either make it or break it move on the big screen, but they have always worked consistently on becoming successful on TV. Take it from the hit British period show Downton Abbey. Not only that it features the legendary Maggie Smith, but it also packs an ensemble of excellent cast and crew to bring the true spirit of the 1920s in one show. When you have a war, and a images-2romance budding in between you’ve got to have a read deal romantic series.

Some shows take it a little on everything taking a period and a fictional location as a setting and then match it up with epic battles and concepts of magic and fantasy. If you put all those together, then you just got a taste of Game of Thrones. Probably regarded as the most successful TV franchise of decade Thrones takes TV into a whole new experience by putting a little bit of everything and making it work. You can also get an xbox to go along with the awesome TV and movie package. Consider calling the Xbox support line to buy one or get setup tips.

Comedy sitcoms

Everybody needs a good laugh once in a while. It would be nice to spend your Friday night or your weekend afternoons watching good actors deliver humor that just cracks you up. Satirical political shoes such as Veep, The Big Bang Theory and the recently concluded How I Met Your Mother were all hit makers in this genre.

TV has existed for a long time, and by the looks of how things are going, it looks like it’s bound to stay for many years more.